Mike King

"NYSSCA is truly an association organized by racers for racers.  As an owner/driver, I can't imagine not being a member.  For the small cost of the membership fee...the rewards are huge!  Plus, there's a great banquet party in Janurary!"


Brad Alger

"I was fortunate enough to be a member at the time when I needed to be the most...injured and unable to work.  When your income is affected, any help you can get is greatly needed and more than appreciated.  I know I will keep my membership in good standing and recommend others to do so as well."


Ken Tremont Jr.

"NYSSCA has always looked for ways to improve the sport.  I'm proud to be a member and look forward to the future."


Jeff Trombley

(1994 Quote) "It is great to have an association that helps drivers and crew members if they get hurt and can't work.  People usually don't think about it until it is too late."

(2005 Quote) "After this year's mishap, I'm sure glad I was a NYSSCA member!"


Gus Schmidt

"NYSSCA is the best investment you can make to help you through the tough times due to an unforeseen incident.  NYSSCA has been there more than once for me.  Thanks NYSSCA!"